Procurement – Supply vs Demand


Pomerol was involved with a leading global logistical solutions provider to implement reporting using the Qlik platform to highlight stock ordering anomalies, premediate supply chain snags and reduce costs associated with delayed product delivery.


  • Alignment of supply to demand wasn’t being met.
  • Shortages in materials resulted in delays in the production process.
  • Delivery dates where delayed and cost the company millions of dollars for not meeting deadlines.


  • Automated reports where created by the extraction of SAP and Qlik platforms.
  • Client received Supply vs Demand forecasts.


  • Individual buyers noted when demands for individual materials wouldn’t be met.
  • Alignment of supply to demand was met by the creation of additional PO’s or communication with the vendor.


  • Production orders where completed on time.
  • Finished products ready to be installed on client site.
  • Reduce of any penalty cost incurred for not meeting agreed deadlines.