Advanced Power BI Microsoft Training

Whatever your training needs Pomerol can help you on your Power BI journey

Pomerol offers a comprehensive range of Power BI training options. For those new to Power BI, Dashboard-in-a-Day will provide give you the knowledge and confidence to build your own dashboards. For those looking to take their Power BI skills to the next level our advanced DAX and M courses will teach you the fundamentals of these two languages and to how to use them to build complex solutions. We also offer bespoke training workshops that can be tailored to your specific training needs.


A one-day, hands-on workshop for business analysts that covers the full capabilities of Power BI.

Aim is to take users from never having never used Power BI to having built their own dashboard by the end of the day.

Covers how to load, prepare and transform data, building visualisations, creating a report and sharing that report with users

Advanced Visualisations and DAX

In-depth course on DAX language enabling creation of advanced visualisations and measures

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) are used in both Power BI and Excel for visualisations, measures and pivot tables

Aim is to build upon Dashboard-in-a-Day, training attendees in building sophisticated reports, for example, financial reporting tables


  • Understand basic concepts of Data Modelling
  • Understand the consequences of data model design decisions
  • Understand concepts of calculated columns and measures
  • Gain familiarity with standard DAX patterns & CALCULATE
  • Understand evaluation contexts and their impact on calculations
  • Gain ability to parse data modelling formulas

Advanced Power Query Editor

In-depth course on Power Query M language and data modelling, enabling creation of complex ETL processes

Power Query M is used to load, prepare and transform data in Power BI, to build the datasets used in reports and dashboards


  • Understand the Power BI Desktop data model, its components and most effective schemas
  • Gain an understanding of the Power Query M language
  • Import data from a variety of sources (including XLS and CSV files)
  • Create queries using toolbar navigations and Advanced Editor
  • Understand parameters
  • Organize queries using folders

Bespoke Training Workshops

Intended for firms that wish to develop the capability to build Power BI solutions in-house

Series of interactive training sessions tailored specifically to your needs

Instructor builds a Power BI report in real-time during the sessions, attendees work along with them, working through all aspects of creating a Power BI application

Goals over the sessions:

  • Deliver a production ready Power BI report using your data that can be deployed immediately
  • Provide in-depth training giving attendees confidence to build their own reports
  • Learn development techniques and best practices not available online or in packaged training
  • Charged on an hourly rate on a T&M basis, only pay for what you need

Other Available Courses


In-depth course on administering a Power BI Service that covers setting up the environment, controlling access, optimizing performance and monitoring usage


  • Understanding the Power BI Administrator Role
  • Providing Governance in a Power BI Environment
  • Establishing a Power BI Environment
  • Provisioning Premium Capacity
  • Facilitating Collaboration and Sharing
  • Usage Monitoring and Auditing
  • Establishing a Data Access Infrastructure
  • Automating Power BI Administration

Paginated Reports-in-a-Day

This course aims to empower report authors with the technical knowledge required to create, publish, and distribute Power BI paginated reports

On completion of this course, you will have the skills to:

  • Design report layouts
  • Connect to data sources to retrieve report data
  • Work with parameters
  • Visualize report data
  • Add interactivity features
  • Publish, consume, deliver, and embed paginated reports

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